Boosting Conversion Rates on Your Online Giving Form

Posted on 08/13/2014

SnuffaluffagusIs your online giving form up to snuff? One way to tell is by measuring its conversion rate. This is the percentage of visitors who end up making a donation. While it can vary widely depending on the type of program or institution, it typically ranges somewhere between 30-50%. In some ways, it’s similar to a phonathon program’s conversion rate¬†(i.e., the percentage of those prospects who answer the phone and then go on to make a pledge or gift).

If your online giving form is experiencing a low conversion rate, then ask yourself some questions.

First, is your marketing at all misleading? Could your prospective donors think that your links (those in emails, webpages, or social media) were taking them somewhere other than your online giving form? Might they have expected to end up somewhere else?

Second, is your online giving form hard to use? Are your donors required to fill out more than ten fields? Do they have to click through more than four pages to complete their transaction? Does it include a lot of unnecessary text or distracting content? Is the design cluttered and cold? Does it feel like a shopping cart? Do they have to “pinch and scroll” to view it clearly on a mobile phone?

If so, your online giving form may be due for a makeover.

Giving is an emotional experience. Do your best to make it a positive one.

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