Engaging Donors Virtually with Stakeholder Calls

Posted on 11/18/2014

VirtualThere was a time when “engagement” was limited to physical presence. This is one reason we put so much time, effort and money into meetings and events for our supporters.

Events bring people together. They remind us that we belong to something bigger than ourselves. Events can also entertain and provide special access – opportunities to network or an insider’s view into an organization.

But, when it comes to event planning, geography can be a big obstacle. If I live in New York and your event is in LA, the chances that I’ll attend go way down (even if I want to be there).

So, what about virtual events?

The University of Chicago invites its highest level of Chicago Society donors and volunteers to attend exclusive webinars. These “stakeholder calls” provide supporters with an opportunity to hear from a prominent member of campus without having to take a day off work or buy an expensive plane ticket. They also provide attendees with a chance to ask the special guest questions in real time. The last call took place in April and featured the university’s athletic director. Of the 125 donors and volunteers who were invited, 46 were able to attend.

Of course, there’s no replacement for a live show. But sometimes a little virtual engagement beats no engagement at all.

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