Boise State University’s Emergency Crowdfunding Appeal

Posted on 03/17/2020
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Title Emergency Crowdfunding Appeal
Institution Boise State University
Submitted By Cara Walker
Executive Director Development
Category Special Campaigns/Challenges
Institution Type College / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur? 2016
Description A devastating wildfire destroyed Boise State’s Intermountain Bird Observatory remote research and community outreach program. Within 24 hours, we were able to get a crowdfunding campaign set up on our PonyUp site to garner support. It was extremely successful.
What makes this unique I think it is an innovative use of technology to be responsive in an emergency situation and provide donors an immediate outlet for support. The team and the media and messaging they posted was so heartfelt that it resonated strongly with our donors. This is a unique and beloved resource at Boise State and our community really stepped up to support after tragedy.
Primary Goal Providing a way to immediately accept donations from those who wanted to help.
Outcome We raised almost $20,000 from 201 donors, which was 382% of the goal. We were also able to leverage some leadership level donors and solicited matching gifts from them.

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