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AGN’s Sample Library includes hundreds of examples from fundraising programs around the world, including direct mail and email appeals, phone scripts, leadership giving and stewardship communications, volunteer materials, special campaigns, and more. Access to this library is limited to AGN Members only.

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 Title Institution Category FY
Scholarship Donor Videos and CardsColorado Mesa UniversityStewardship Communications2021
"Invest in Me" Brochure AppealColorado Mesa University FoundationDirect Mail Appeals2017
"Donors and Scholars" Event InvitationColorado Mesa University FoundationStewardship Communications2018
Scholarship Donor Stewardship VideoColorado Mesa University FoundationStewardship Communications2020
Scholarship Donor Event InvitationColorado Mesa University FoundationStewardship Communications2020
Giving Tuesday Now Campaign PackageColorado State UniversitySpecial Campaigns/Challenges2020
Leadership Society BrochureColumbia CollegeStewardship Communications2020
Young Alumni Leadership Council BrochureColumbia CollegeStewardship Communications2020
Giving Day Origami Save the DateColumbia UniversityDirect Mail Appeals2018
Young Alumni ChallengeConcord AcademySpecial Campaigns/Challenges2018
"Intrusion" Young Alumni ChallengeConcordia CollegeEmail Appeals2017
Business School Case Competition AppealConcordia UniversityDirect Mail Appeals2021
Centre for the Arts Impact AppealConcordia UniversityDirect Mail Appeals2021
New Dean Introduction and AppealConcordia UniversityEmail Appeals2021
Leadership Annual Fund AppealConcordia University, St. PaulDirect Mail Appeals2021
Calendar Year End Gift Matching AppealConcordia University, St. PaulDirect Mail Appeals2021
Young Alumni Newsletter-style AppealConnecticut CollegeEmail Appeals2021
Annual Fund Impact BrochureConverse CollegeStewardship Communications2020
Fall Appeal with Personalized Post-ItsCornelia Connelly CenterDirect Mail Appeals2020
Young Alumni Self-MailerCornell CollegeDirect Mail Appeals2018
 Title Institution Category FY