MMI Preparatory School – Annual Donor Report

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TitleAnnual Donor Report
InstitutionMMI Preparatory School
Submitted ByKim McNulty
Director of Advancement
CategoryStewardship Communications
Institution TypeIndependent School
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2018

Our annual donor report is our one stewardship piece that is sent across all constituency groups. We execute a 12-week annual fund only (Oct.1-Dec.31) and this arrives in homes mid-Sept. to kick off our solicitation window. The rest of the year is used for stewardship/alumni events.

What makes this unique

The information on pages 4-8 is an incredible team effort to generate. I often get feedback from donors who "have no idea that my gift helps with that."

Primary Goal

Retention, reactivation, awareness of donor impact, and an attempt to generate excitement to participate in the annual fund again this year.


This year we are 41% to our annual fund goal before even sending out our annual segmented solicitations. This document truly invigorates our loyal donors to send in their gifts before being solicited in early October.

Other Comments

Our 12-week annual fund is unique. As a small school with a one-man office, this really gives me the ability to reach our goal early on and focus my efforts on stewardship, acquisition and resting our donors during an extended period of time. And it creates a sense of urgency since they know to give in that window and they won't be asked again.