UNC Kenan-Flagler – Annual Fund Brochure

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TitleAnnual Fund Brochure
InstitutionUNC Kenan-Flagler
Submitted ByJeremy Allen
Executive Director of Alumni Engagement and Individual Giving
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2018

This is an annual fund brochure for UNC Kenan-Flagler Business School. The brochure was included in our fall mailing and handed out throughout the year by development officers.

What makes this unique

The challenge of this brochure was the wide range of goals we had for the piece, combined with a fairly small amount of real estate with which to achieve those goals:

- The School and University at the time were close to entering the public phase of a comprehensive campaign, but still 10 months out. It was important for the brochure to weave in campaign language, without using campaign names and branding.
- Our dean - Doug Shackelford - is a very popular figure among alumni, It was important that he helped deliver the message as a keynote figure in the piece.
- Our alumni place great value on competition, so we wanted to include a graphic example that would fuel competitive juices.
- We consistently hear feedback that our constituents crave clarity and examples of how unrestricted funds are used, so we wanted practical examples of funds usage to be represented in an engaging way.
- It was important that the brochure represent diversity in many forms including sex, ethnicity, age, and degree program.
- We wanted to advertise our giving societies in a way that would compel readers to join.
- Any widely distributed publication from the School should represent both the University (note the use of UNC's iconic argyle pattern) and Kenan-Flagler (the Business School is pictured in the brochure's background).

Primary Goal

Donor retention/acquisition - also informing the alumni body about Campaign launch. It was sent in accompaniment with a letter appeal.


The results from this brochure spoke volumes. From a direct mail lens, our fall mailing (similar format and timing) typically generates between $150K and $200K with approximately 330-360 respondents. After including the brochure, the direct donor revenue jumped to $453,316 with 434 responses. This indicated an increase of 125% in dollars raised and 25% in donors. It is worth noting that the dollar total was not swayed by one or two large donors, increases were evident across the board. In addition to the quantitative results listed above, we received great feedback about the brochure as a tool for development officers in the field, along with from other staff, students, and our key volunteers.