Morehouse School of Medicine – Engagement Video Showcasing Campus Visit

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TitleEngagement Video Showcasing Campus Visit
InstitutionMorehouse School of Medicine
Submitted ByPatrick Powell
AVP Volunteer Engagement and Donor Philanthropy
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2018

Morehouse School of Medicine in partnership with the Atlanta University Center Consortium welcomed Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella to our campus. He met privately with a select group of students from MSM, Spelman, Morehouse and Clark. He also met with the Presidents and the public for a town hall.

What makes this unique

It's very unique to get a behind the scenes look at the inner-workings of an institution of higher education, especially a medical school. This video becomes even more rare when you consider the type of access Microsoft provided us to document this historic experience. Morehouse School of Medicine welcomes more than 33,000 visitors each year. However, we hadn't begun documenting and highlighting our experiences with guests, alumni or supporters in a meaningful way until January 2018. Since that time, our outreach has received considerable attention across the country as people are taking notice. This video is an example of the work we hope to continue doing on behalf of all of the great supporters we have who are investing in us.

Primary Goal

This visit was historic as it brought together all of the institutions that make up the Atlanta University Center as well as their senior leadership members (President's, Provost's, etc.). Also, it validates the importance and relevance of the work we're doing at MSM for him to invest so much of his time. This was a high point in the history of MSM's existence and one that needed to be celebrated and most certainly documented for the alumni and constituents who support all of the institutions that make up the AUC.


I've created over 90 videos since the end of January. Only three have achieved more than 7,000 views on LinkedIn. This particular video has now reached over 8,900 views. Close to 1,000 Microsoft employees have viewed and it's reach has stretched from coast to coast.