Concordia College – "Intrusion" Young Alumni Challenge

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Title"Intrusion" Young Alumni Challenge
InstitutionConcordia College
Submitted ByMatthew Dymoke
Assistant Director of Alumni Relations
CategoryEmail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2017

The Young Alumni Giving Challenge targeted the last five graduating classes of Concordia College, specifically using social media as the catalyst for collecting donations. The program greatly increased the giving rate of recent graduates and engaged over 100 new donors and bringing in over $15,000.

What makes this unique

Through a concerted effort to target young alumni, we have been able to catch the attention of our population, capitalize on their relationships with people across campus and inspire them to give back to the college. We made this happen in a fun, innovative way by utilizing bitmojis and heavy online marketing. This project was a new initiative at Concordia and helped create a culture of young alumni giving at the college.

Primary Goal



Overall, the Young Alumni Giving Challenge was a smashing success. With an initial goal of bringing in 75 donors, the challenge brought in over 220 donors and over $15,000 (including matching funds) throughout the three weeks. The challenge brought in 135 new donors to the college and inspired over 40 repeat fiscal year donors. This project helped double the number of young alumni donors to Concordia College and was a catalyst for future success.

This project served as a catalyst for our young alumni giving efforts, pushing our recent grads to invest in the institution in a way that made sense for them. Since this challenge, we've seen significant growth in the overall participation of recent graduates (200% increase in dollars raised between FY16 and FY18), increased donor count and increased engagement in other areas of the college. This project was a fun way for us to engage recent graduates and is one of the best shoestring projects we have done at Concordia College.