Mustard Seed Communities – Non-Profit Organization First Giving Day

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TitleNon-Profit Organization First Giving Day
InstitutionMustard Seed Communities
Submitted ByMargaret Kennedy
Manager of Development and Stewardship
CategorySpecial Campaigns/Challenges
Institution TypeOther
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2018

On September 18-19, 2018, Mustard Seed Communities had our first-ever Giving Day. We launched this effort to coincide with our 40th Anniversary, so we held 40 Hours of Giving in honor of our 40 Years of Caring.

What makes this unique

As this was a first time effort, we looked to larger colleges, universities, and non-profits to learn the approaches they take to run a successful Giving Day. We then scaled down those approaches to fit our staffing and budget with tremendous results for our organization.

Primary Goal

Our primary goal was to engage existing donors and volunteers in a new way for MSC and highlight who we are, how we have grown over the past 40 years, and what impact their support has on our organization.


Our initial goal was to raise $40,000. We raised over three times our goal. Gifts were received from current donors as well as 23 new donors, one of whom made a major gift to MSC (we define major gifts as $10,000 or more). A parent of a mission volunteer who had never made a personal gift, made a gift of $50,000. We also reactivated 25 donors who had last made gifts between 2012 and 2015.

Our Giving Day far exceeded any other single day of giving for MSC.