Babson College – Calendar Year End Appeal

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TitleCalendar Year End Appeal
InstitutionBabson College
Submitted ByMike DeGuglielmo
Associate Director, Annual Fund Programs
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2017

This calendar year end appeal was an appeal from our President at the close of calendar year end, with 8 segments, the President's Society (leadership annual giving society) is attached.

What makes this unique

This effort was unique in that it blended high level institutional messaging from our President with a personalized call to action to constituencies based upon their giving history.

Primary Goal

The goal of this effort was to boost participation, with a custom message depending upon constituency (leadership donor, alumni, parent) and donor history (LYBUNT retention, SYBUNT and lapsed reactivation, non/never acquisition).


We had varying degrees of success based upon segment, however our fall LYBUNT group was particularly successful with a 4% response rate.

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