Epstein Hillel School – School Magazine

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TitleSchool Magazine
InstitutionEpstein Hillel School
Submitted ByDeryn Pressman-Mashin
Director of Community Engagement
Institution TypeIndependent School
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

This was the very first magazine the school ever published. It was largely successful because no one had ever seen an in-depth look into the school like this before. We also created the "my heart belongs to Hillel" theme, which was carried throughout the year.

What makes this unique

While a magazine is not unique in itself, it was unique for us. Through small test samples, we realized that a majority of our constituents prefer direct mail to email. Most also reported that they didn't know what was happening at the school and wanted to know more. This was our way to address these concerns and it was quite successful.


We raised about $25,000 in donations from the envelopes included with this magazine. We also received very positive feedback from the community. Overall we spent about $3,000 on this project (including graphic design, printing, and mailing).

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