Finlandia University – First Giving Day Planning Materials

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TitleFirst Giving Day Planning Materials
InstitutionFinlandia University
Submitted ByOlivia Myers
Coordinator of External Relations
CategorySpecial Campaigns/Challenges
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2018

The Finlandia Alumni Board (FAB) hosted Finlandia University’s inaugural Giving Day on June 19-20 in an effort to raise money to support a student textbook scholarship and brand itself as a philanthropic alumni organization. The goal was to raise $10,000 in 28 hours through a social media blitz.

What makes this unique

FinnU's Giving Day relied solely on social media and email marketing to raise money. Social media posts were sent out every 90 minutes for 28 hours straight -with a slight lull in the middle of the night - highlighting the issue of textbook affordability. Every tool in FinnU's digital marketing tool belt was utilized including podcasts, Facebook/Instagram fundraisers, live videos, pre-recorded videos, gifs, downloadable games, and fun challenges throughout the day to engage the alumni base. The results of the Giving Day were immediately apparent by the selection of 39 students (approximately 10 percent of FinnU's total student population) receiving a $250 Alumni Association Textbook Award within two months of the end of the campaign. Currently, 50 percent of FinnU's student population is Pell Grant eligible, so the FAB continued the university's mission of providing affordable private higher education in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.


In 28 hours, the FAB raised nearly $10,000 ($9,750.81) from 69 gifts to provide 39 Alumni Association Textbook Awards to current and incoming students. 24 percent of donors were first time donors.

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