NC State University – First Giving Day Impact Report

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TitleFirst Giving Day Impact Report
InstitutionNC State University
Submitted ByScott Warner
Associate Director of Annual Giving
CategorySpecial Campaigns/Challenges
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

The inaugural NC State Day of Giving grossed more than $13.5 million while elevating the institutional brand presence and uniting the entire campus community as one Wolfpack.

What makes this unique

NC State Day of Giving helped the university make tremendous strides in its effort to instill a culture of philanthropy among alumni and others affiliated with the university, while also shifting our fundraising acumen to the digital realm. As an example of this, 2,348 new donors participated in Day of Giving, accounting for 33.9% of the total number of all donors on the day. In the digital space, NC State had 4,703,086 impressions on its social media accounts on Day of Giving, including 924,000 on Twitter, which nearly equaled NC State’s monthly average for that platform. Other key metrics related to the university’s culture of philanthropy and our digital presence include the following:
- Nearly $1.1 million raised through the website.
- $235 average gift size (excluding major gifts).
- $40 median gift.
- 1,299 donors gave two or more gifts; three donors gave more than 100 gifts.
- 470 funds across the university were supported.
- #GivingPack trended in the local area on Twitter from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m.
- Every class from 1956 through 2018 participated.


During the inaugural NC State Day of Giving, $13,535,396.81 was raised via 10,810 total gifts from 6,929 donors.

Goal 1:— Leverage emerging online channels.
Result: NC State Day of Giving benefited from nearly $1.1 million in online transactions, 4.7 million social media impressions and almost 300,000 web visits.

Goal 2: Grow donor pipeline.
Result:Approximiately 34% of NC State Day of Giving donors were new donors to the university.

Goal 3: Amplify campaign momentum.
Result: NC State’s culture of philanthropy continues to surge from previous levels, demonstrated by positive growth in numbers of donors, counter to industry trends. NC State Day of Giving also served as the conversation piece that supported significant major gifts, planned gifts and corporate gifts.