Fairhill School – Fall General Appeal

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TitleFall General Appeal
InstitutionFairhill School
Submitted ByDeann Badura
Director of Development
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeIndependent School
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

Fairhill is dedicated to providing the best possible education to learning different students, emphasizing their unique pattern of information acquisition, processing and expression. Fairhill focuses on academic, social & emotional development. Fairhill guides its students to learn.

What makes this unique

Multi-sensory approach to teaching; Small student/teacher ratio; Professional staff that is knowledgeable of learning differences; Emphasis on continuing education and professional development for all staff;
Teacher mentoring program; Individualized placement in reading and mathematics; Use of organizers, assistive technology and other learning aids; Structured curriculum that maintains course/grade level requirements yet is flexible enough to adapt to individual student needs; Library/media center, science and technology labs; Opportunity to participate successfully in sports, art, drama, and music programs;
Professional diagnostic assessment center; and Warm, supportive atmosphere where bright children with learning differences have the opportunity to thrive


We have many success stories.