Meredith College – Restricted Fund Alumni Challenge

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TitleRestricted Fund Alumni Challenge
InstitutionMeredith College
Submitted ByErin Cleghorn
Director of The Meredith Fund
CategorySpecial Campaigns/Challenges
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2017

We do an annual competition between the classes to boost participation toward the end of the fiscal year. We call it Meredith Mayhem and in 2017 we had to pivot the campaign to fundraise for a sudden need - our iconic campus lake drained itself.

What makes this unique

Usually, Mayhem is about the college's greatest needs, but suddenly a restricted effort was our greatest need. It caused us to pivot away from unrestricted funds, but drew more attention to the campaign overall. We have continued to support the greatest needs in subsequent years, but the efforts around the lake definitely boosted overall Mayhem awareness and giving long term.


We shifted this appeal to go to all alumnae in two segments: the current donors as a second ask; the lapsed and never donors. We had a 7% response rate on the combined efforts and raised $125,000 in net revenue. It was our most successful Mayhem effort in the seven years we've done the competition.