Mustard Seed Communities – Giving Day Mailer

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TitleGiving Day Mailer
InstitutionMustard Seed Communities
Submitted ByMargaret Kennedy
Manager of Development and Stewardship
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeOther
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

On September 17, 2019, Mustard Seed Communities had our second annual Giving Day. It was a multi-channel marketing effort that included a direct mail piece, emails, a social media campaign, and video. We launched our first Giving Day last year to coincide with our 40th Anniversary.

What makes this unique

We look to larger colleges, universities, and non-profits to learn the approaches they take to run a successful Giving Day. We then scale down those approaches to fit our staffing and budget with tremendous results for our organization.


To date we have raised over $150,000 and have already exceeded what was raised in total for our first Giving Day by 9%. Our Giving Day has allowed us to more than double our revenue from appeals.