Einstein Healthcare Network – Employee Funded Grant Campaign Materials

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TitleEmployee Funded Grant Campaign Materials
InstitutionEinstein Healthcare Network
Submitted ByLisa Borowski
Manager, Development Communications
CategorySpecial Campaigns/Challenges
Institution TypeOther
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

Develop a comprehensive internal communication plan focused on cultivation, stewardship, and fundraising for The Albert Einstein Society which supports research and innovation conceived by employees and funded by employees through an annual fund campaign. Goal: increase awareness and engagement.

What makes this unique

This was a data-driven campaign. Research was key in our efforts to craft a message. Interviews with key stakeholders (administration, board members, physicians, nurses, staff) was conducted. The main goal was to understand what resonated specifically with physicians and staff about how the Albert Einstein Society functioned and how it impacted efforts to enhance patient care. We also drew on results of an extensive employee survey conducted after the 2018 campaign with employees broken into three key audiences: donors, lapsed donors, and those who had never given. We realized that our audiences had become “deaf” to the messaging and confused about how a program created almost 50 years ago was relevant today.

To support the effort, we engaged Graphcom, a health care marketing agency. This collaboration brought design and production expertise to the table. Utilizing insights learned during research, it was determined to focus on prior grants and the impact these grants were having on the ability to deliver care and the health and well-being of the patients. It was also determined how to best reach the busy health care professionals and staff who needed to be communicated via many channels to ensure engagement.

a. Theme – Imagine the world as we see it. This provided a platform to define the “we” (colleagues who received grants) and the “imagine” (innovative grants being funded). The main “ask” was for employees to join the Society for as little as $1/pay ($26/year)
b. Tactics – cross-channel campaign to meet employees with communication where they needed to be met. This campaign utilized employee grant recipients as the spokespeople and communicated targeted facts about the impact of their programs. Our efforts were challenged by a majority audience who is not “captive” – i.e. sitting at computer stations – and network with strict guidelines for posting materials in public spaces. Cross-channel communications included:
1. Invitation to join the society - mailed to homes (sample included with entry)
2. Email campaign – series of 3 general emails with spokespeople and video; targeted email to past donors with a specific “ask” to renew members and an invite to increase level. (sample included with entry)
3. EinsteinConnect & https://advance.einstein.edu/giving/albert-einstein-society/ (internal and external web)
4. Social media campaign (sample included with entry)
5. Videos - general overview & program specific
6. In-hospital banners (sample included with entry)
7. Internal TV monitors
8. Printed piece for one-on-one interactions (sample included with entry)
9. Internal e-newsletter advertisements (In the News)
10. Event – Utilized the annual “snow-bird” event in Florida in January to provide the board and friends a “sneak peek” at the campaign and give them the chance to hear from 4 grant recipients about the impact of Albert Einstein Society grants.


In 2019, the campaign raised $$388,232 as part of the employee campaign. This allowed for funding of 25 innovative program, research, and physician scientist seed grants in the 2019 grant cycle at a total of $625,000. The investment of $35,000 for design and production resulted in a targeted campaign to execute the vision of Einstein’s Development team. Content, placement, talent was sourced in-house featuring prior year grant recipients. This campaign effectively overcame the challenge of communicating with a busy internal audience about a program that is almost 50 years old.

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