University of Missouri – St. Louis – Scholarship Direct Mail Appeal

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TitleScholarship Direct Mail Appeal
InstitutionUniversity of Missouri - St. Louis
Submitted ByMaura Connors
Director of Annual Giving
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

This direct mail piece is for UMSL's Finish Your Degree scholarship. Finish Your Degree is a scholarship available to seniors with financial need who are faced with the possibility of dropping out of school because of lack of funds to pay tuition. The money must be used for educational expenses.

What makes this unique

UMSL has seen great success with messaging where the donor is the protagonist. We craft messaging where we present the donor with an achievable problem and solution through a fundraising offer and a very specific call to action. We accomplish this by telling the story of one person. The message is about the donor and what the donor can do. It is not about what we've done or how we've done it. It's not about our awards and rankings. It's not about our process. It's about the outcome the donor will make happen with her gift.


We mailed to 14,990 alumni LYBUNTS, lapsed and non-donors. The mailing raised $18,210 from 150 donors. The corresponding e-solicitation (also sent only to alumni) raised $7,105 from 32 donors. (The email message was a condensed version of the direct mail message.) An alum self-identified as a result of being moved by the email. Through our relationship building, he contributed an additional total of $25,000 within three months of the email being sent.