Florida Institute of Technology – Parent Engagement Informational Mailing

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TitleParent Engagement Informational Mailing
InstitutionFlorida Institute of Technology
Submitted ByDonna Cassario
Major Gift Officer-Parent Philanthropy
CategoryDirect Mail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2020

This effort was to welcome New and Returning Parents, introduce their Student Philanthropy Specialist and send a Panther Parent Brochure. The letter also talks about the Panther Parent Package. The brochure talks about the ways Parents can engage and provides a chance to update their contact info.

What makes this unique

I believe the most unique part of this effort is the fact that we have a Student Specialist assigned to a group of parents that hopefully will follow those Parents through to graduation. So far, I have not had a student leave, so it is working beautifully. If Universities are not reaching out to the Parent constituency, they are missing out on a significant population of philanthropy.


The mailing just went out a week ago, so I don’t have the ROI yet but will be happy to share that later. I will probably follow this up with an email version of the solicitation in a couple of weeks, as well. I can say that for FY 19 overall, our Parent constituency gave over $191k of which $60k went to our "General giving fund" and 11.4% of Parents gave.

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