University of Missouri – St. Louis – Scholarship Fund Article Stewardship

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TitleScholarship Fund Article Stewardship
InstitutionUniversity of Missouri - St. Louis
Submitted BySarah Willey
Associate Director of Annual Giving
CategoryStewardship Communications
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

We timed a story in a local magazine about a scholarship program to print a few months after an appeal dropped that asked for funding for that scholarship. All donors who gave in response to that appeal were sent a full copy of the magazine along with a thank you card. Envelopes were hand addressed.

What makes this unique

This was a collaboration with our marketing department in the sense that they were able to make sure the timing was right with the magazine, a community partner. We don't always have a great external piece to send our donors as part of a stewardship mailing - this will stand out more than something we designed and printed as an impact report, and the fact that each envelope was clearly hand-stuffed and hand-written is the kind of thing that should surprise and delight donors compared to the less personalized mailings they would normally expect from a larger nonprofit like a university.


N/A - our goal is to see increased retention in the future.