University of Notre Dame – Seasonal Donor Thank You Postcards

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TitleSeasonal Donor Thank You Postcards
InstitutionUniversity of Notre Dame
Submitted ByLauren Dolzan
Project Manager
CategoryStewardship Communications
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2019

These postcards were created to thank donors for their gifts immediately after year end - a time when we felt our stewardship was lacking. We then decided to create new, unique versions of these postcards for each season thereafter. Donors who gave $10+ within the new quarter received a postcard.

What makes this unique

These postcards are a unique way to acknowledge donors for both small and large gifts in a very design-focused manner. Our hope is that donors will proudly hang these postcards at their desk, on their fridge, or other. We also hope that if donors give more than one gift in a year, they will start to notice that these designs are collectible - prompting them to give more often, in order to continue collecting the next season's style.


Because these were stewardship pieces, there was no monetary ROI to track. However, we did notice that the thank you postcards prompted donors to contact us for one reason or another. The piece brought Notre Dame back to the top of their minds in a positive manner.