Connecticut College – Young Alumni Newsletter-style Appeal

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TitleYoung Alumni Newsletter-style Appeal
InstitutionConnecticut College
Submitted ByGwendolyn Hay
Assistant Director of Annual Giving
CategoryEmail Appeals
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2021

As part of reimagining how we solicit and talk with young alumni at Conn, I worked with each class volunteer(s) to create a personalized, class-specific, newsletter to replace form letters that historically did not perform well or dramatically increase class engagement.

What makes this unique

This is a collaborative effort between the Annual Giving office, the class volunteers, and other areas of Advancement. I spoke individually with each young alumni volunteer to hear what they wanted to hear, feature, and change about upcoming communications. I worked with the Communications team and various Adv. directors to brainstorm a year's worth of content (5-6 newsletters will go out this FY), and I made sure that we would highlight new experiences and offerings for alumni in each one. This example features a collaboration with the Parent and Alumni Engagement Office, highlighting the new Connecticut College alumni community. While it's significantly more work and segmentation than previously done, we are already seeing a higher turnout and positive response for alums (who have provided positive feedback, updated their information, and/or made a gift to the College).


We are still waiting to see the overall outcome, but within 48 hours of the first newsletter dropping, we saw 12 Young Alumni gifts come in, all in response. 10 of the 12 donors last gift was before 2017.