Azusa Pacific University – Non-Solicit Engagement Texting Campaign

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TitleNon-Solicit Engagement Texting Campaign
InstitutionAzusa Pacific University
Submitted BySharon Conklin
Director of Annual Giving
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2020

Non-Solicit Engagement Texting, March-April 2020. Texted all LYBs & 1-yr lapsed donors; all employees, and alumni. Phonathon supervisors texted to ask how our APU community was doing and what prayer requests they had. Wanted to demonstrate we care about them & what they are going through.

What makes this unique

We'd only done stewardship texting previously, not engagement texting. But March and April 2020 felt like the perfect time to check in with our constituents, regardless of if they'd already given or not - not something we typically do on the fundraising side of the house, but our Alumni area doesn't have texting capabilities and wasn't doing any more personalized outreach to our alumni. And, we had Phonathon supervisors who weren't managing callers because we didn't have remote capabilities at the time, so they were a great resource of student staff who could manage texting this large of a group. (As a side note, we didn't include current parents at the time since Student Affairs was handling many requests/comments from the group at the time at didn't feel that it was the right time for our Phonathon students to be on the phone with them.
It was an overwhelming time for our community, especially in CA where we (and many of our constituents) were newly under stay at home orders. We just wanted our community to understand that we care about them. It wasn't about making our case for support during this time. It was about listening to what our APU community was going through and praying for them, which meant a lot to so many people we contacted. The positive responses definitely outweighed the much fewer negative responses we received. Now we're deciding where to use this strategy again this year and in the future.


We had so many GRATEFUL responses to our texting effort. And we believe this texting effort contributed to higher than usual donor counts (84 donors compared with 24 previously) after sending follow up email campaigns in May & June.

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