University of Missouri – St. Louis – Donor Newsletter Featuring Students

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TitleDonor Newsletter Featuring Students
InstitutionUniversity of Missouri - St. Louis
Submitted BySarah Willey
Associate Director of Annual Giving
CategoryStewardship Communications
Institution TypeCollege / University
What fiscal year did this effort occur?2021

The UMSL donor newsletter, one focused on sharing donor impact and centering the donor throughout, that we designed is groundbreaking for higher education fundraising. It’s an example of how a widely accepted best practice in direct mail can be used in a new type of nonprofit organization.

What makes this unique

To our knowledge, a higher education institution has never created a newsletter in this style, written to highlight the donor throughout and speak to them about them rather than to the about the institution. It's a very different kind of communication for higher education. It is the product of a very collaborative effort between the Annual Giving Team and Tactical Fundraising Solutions.


Newsletters in this style have been demonstrated to consistently boost donor retention and despite having the feel of a stewardship piece tend to raise as well as or better than an appeal. Ours is just going out at the time of this submission; we look forward to being able to share the results in the future.