Training Programs

AGN’s training programs include live and on-demand webinars, workshops, and individual coaching. They empower staff and volunteers to continuously learn, sharpen their skills, and develop more effective fundraising strategies. Find out more below, or click here to learn about our areas of expertise.


AGN’s webinars provide training from the industry’s top annual giving experts and many offer a chance to earn CFRE credit. In addition to weekly live events, the Webinar Library includes hundreds of hours of recorded trainings that empower staff and volunteers to learn at their own direction and pace. Access to the library open to everyone, but only AGN Members can view webinars for free. Click here to explore AGN Webinars.


AGN Workshops bring together fundraising professionals in a small group setting, allowing them to explore some of the industry’s most important topics in a comprehensive way. Registration is open to everyone, but AGN Members receive significant discounts. Click here to explore AGN Workshops.


Led by dedicated consultants and subject matter experts, AGN’s coaching programs will engage your staff in personalized sessions to help them develop and apply practical skills in annual giving and other important areas of fundraising. Click here for more information.


Based on interviews with key stakeholders, and a detailed review of data and materials, AGN’s annual fund assessments provide expert analysis to help you benchmark your annual giving efforts against industry best practices and develop a plan for future success. Click here for more information.

For more information, please email us at [email protected] or call 888.407.5064.