AGN offers a wide range of programs to help train and develop your team. These include webinars, workshops, assessments, and certification programs that can empower your staff and volunteers to continuously learn, sharpen skills, and develop more effective fundraising strategies. Learn more below.


AGN webinars provide structured training from some of the industry’s leading practitioners and subject matter experts. In addition to weekly live interactive events, we also maintain a library with hundreds of on-demand recordings that empower staff and volunteers to learn at their own direction and pace. Learn more.



AGN workshops provide a day-long online experience where participants interact in focused small-group discussions with colleagues from other institutions. Facilitated by industry experts, each session offers an opportunity to learn about best practices, share examples, and solve problems. Learn more.



AGN assessments benchmark your annual giving efforts against industry trends and best practices. Based on a detailed review of your data and materials – as well as interviews with key stakeholders – every assessment is customized to evaluate your program’s unique needs, structure, and resources. Learn more.



AGN certification programs provide a structured and self-guided online learning experience combined with personalized guidance and feedback from subject matter experts. Upon successful completion of each course, candidates will receive a certificate in any number of key program areas. Learn more.

For more information, please email us at or call 888.407.5064.