Making Little Gestures Part of Bigger Stewardship

Posted on 07/23/2014

Donor ParkingWe work hard to make our volunteers and donors feel special through personal acknowledgment, public recognition, awards, and access. We spend a lot of time, thought, and money to create plaques, publish honor rolls, produce reports, and put on events.

We call this stewardship and our work here is never done.

But making someone feel special doesn’t have to involve a lot of pageantry or expense. It doesn’t have to be be difficult. Sometimes little things are the most meaningful. These can be things that all of us, regardless of our title or budget, are empowered to do any day and every day.

Next time you want to make someone feel special, just try:

  • Calling them by name
  • Looking them in the eye
  • Asking for their advice
  • Reminding them of something they’ve told you in the past
  • Giving them a picture of something important to them
  • Sending them a handwritten note
  • Smiling

Simple and thoughtful is rare and it’s beautiful.

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